Agistri is only 55 minutes from Piraeus and at a stone's throw from the island of Aegina. It is a small heaven on earth situated at the Saronic Gulf, smothered in plants and trees, with pine trees "touching" its crystal blue waters.

The island's four communities (Megalochori - Skala - Limenaria - Metochi) are ideal for wonderful summer holidays and for relaxing, calm weekends.

In Agistri you will come across verdurous pine woods, sandy beaches, crystal-clear waters, traditional colors, quietude, peacefulness and yet an intense nightlife according to the visitor's preference.

The general image with this island presents is completely different to the one presented by other islands which are overwhelmed with mass tourism. Perhaps is one of the last few romantic destinations in Greece.

Agistri has many beautiful hotels and studios or rooms to let, ideal for family holidays. Gradually it also attracted many artists who draw inspiration from this island. Agistri has two natural ports which are approached by boats: the port of Skala and the port of Megalochori.

Ferry boats from Piraeus dock at Skala and lying dolphins at Megalochori, whereas both ports are linked to Aegina all year round. At Skala there asre numerous tourist shops, hotels, rooms to let and tavernas. Megalochori, also known as "Mylos", is situated to the west of Skala and is the Administrative capital of the island.

The community's headquarters are situated in Megalochori. Here you will also find tourist shops, hotels, rooms to let and taverns. It is also the base of operations for ships and their refueling are.

At Agistri there are super-markets, bakeries, food shops, retail shops, a bank, a pharmacy and a regional health center affiliated to the Tzaneio hospital in Piraeus.

Entertainment includes many activities, various bars and clubs, where you can enjoy yourselves until the morning. To tour around the island there are shops where you can rent bicycles and motorbikes. For your transportation to various locations on th eisland, there are taxies, busus or even the tourist train.

The police, the port authorities, the community and even the islanders themselves are willing to assist you in whatever you may need during your stay on the island.

All mentioned above, the hospitality of the islanders, the calmness, the natural beauty, fine tourism infrastructure and crystal-clean seas compensate the island's visitors, who become connected to it, in a strange way, so that they may continue visiting in the future the island which they have loved so much.